Customer Contact Strategy.

Your customer contact centre needs to be the nerve center of your organisation’s intelligence gathering efforts, where data can instantly translate into profit-enhancing customer contact strategies.

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Although there has been a rise in the use of social media and online communities, voice is still the most commonplace and is often the place where customers express their frustration before they speak out on social media. As a result, analytics have evolved to look for broader, emerging trends. This rich data can be used to correlate what your detractors or promoters are telling you and to identify the reasons that customers to leave.  For example the chain of calls can be analysed to determine words and phrases that hint that a customer is about to churn. Calls that indicate a potential issue indicating an ‘at-risk’ customer can be contacted – making the contact centre proactive rather than reactive in the company’s strategy for dealing with problems and finding opportunities.

Pairview can help you utilise customer contact centre analytics to the full, helping to provide you with the insights to create strategies that improve business performance. Below are just some of the areas where we can add value to your customer contact strategy


By monitoring speech content – keywords can be determined which are associated with customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction


The use of greetings and closings can be monitored to ensure they comply with company policies.


Business trends can be identified through the use of speech analytics tools