Single Customer View.

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Today’s business should utilise business analytics and intelligence to support key decision making. However to do this firstly they need to both ensure the accuracy of the information feeding these statistics and ensure that each customer has a single record within a central database.

This means having a single customer view is essential, as your business’s key challenges and priorities are reliant on having accurate, enriched data that is linked together in a central location to provide a complete customer view that can be used to meet company goals.

A single customer view is an aggregated and holistic representation of all the data known by an organisation about its consumers. A single record containing all of the information that the organisation knows about that consumer, be it account history and purchases to demographic details or even preferences.

Based on recent research by Experian Marketing Services, 99% of companies believe achieving a Single Customer View is important to their business. Despite this high priority only 24% say they actually have a single customer view today.*

*The 2015 Digital Marketer Survey, Experian Marketing Services Benchmark Report