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Cover your Analytics needs with short-term services without long-term or permanent contract. Take an Interim Analyst as long as you need.

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What is ZAP Analytics?

ZAP Analytics aims to deliver analytics resourcing solutions to meet the growing needs of SMEs and Corporations in their Analytics space.

Pioneers and thought leaders in Big Data Analytics Corporate Solutions, we understand all the main challenges and business needs. Zap Analytics emerged as a consequence of a continuous demand from organisations to cover all their Analytics needs in a simple, easy and affordable way to achieve business results. Zap Analytics provides Analytics Resourcing solutions in order to cover skills-gaps and fill Analytics roles with the perfect candidate in a very easy and way. This solution allows organisations to save time and resources giving them a cost effectiveflexible source of the very brightest and best future Data Science leaders on the market.

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What does the ZAP Analytics offer your organisation?

Our close working relationship with our candidates allows us to personally endorse each and every one, based on their knowledgeskills and work ethic.  The ZAP Analytics will allow every organisation to:

  1. Access future business leaders – A source of the very brightest and best-experienced people with the potential to drive productivity, profitability and growth in your business.
  2. Close the skills-gap – Fill a skills-gap with a regular, ongoing intake of in-demand, rare Data Science/Analytical talent.
  3. Reduce costs – An effective alternative to traditional recruitment
  4. Save time and resources – Avoid training a graduate from scratch without the necessary technical skills and industry insight
  5. Made to measure talent’ – bright, ambitious, ‘ready-to-go’ Data Scientists/Analysts trained with the skills you need in your organisation.

A cost effective long-term source of the very brightest and best future Data Science leaders

ZAP Analytics is a partnership that brings together businesses with the top Data Analytics trained candidates in the country. These students have a minimum of a 2:1 Bachelor’s Degree and have been put through six months of our rigorous and extensive training provided by some of the top Data Scientists in the country on the most in-demand and rarest Data Science skills. Additionally, they have worked on relevant use-case scenario projects, covering some of the most complex problems that organisations can face in their industries. The result is a fully trained ‘ready-to-go’ Data Scientist eager to make a difference in your organisation.

346,000 Data Science jobs will be needed in the UK by 2020, with demand rising 259%.  Employers are already finding 3 in every 4 Data Science roles hard to fill.*  In order to fill this skills-gap both now and in the future – a regular, cost-effective and continual source of the very brightest and best Data Science leaders is needed in your business.

*(Source:  TechPartnership employers network, SAS IT JobsWatch)
Some Typical Business Problems for Big Data Analytics

Know more about your business and gain a competitive advantage

Gain instant visibility and insight into your business performance and drive better business outcomes using a broad set of capabilities for reporting, analysis, modelling and forecasting. All of which will provide the speed of thought and put you ahead of the game.

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